Become a voip reseller.

And own your white label website.

No need for any experience in designing or building websites.

Take a look at which is one of our designed websites.

You can test it and see how it works.

If you liked it, you could order a similar website.

You only need:

  • A reseller account.

  • A domain name.

  • A PayPal account.

  • That's it, So easy.

    Website Features

    • Features
      For your site
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • 4 email accounts:
    • Setup email on IOS
    • Setup email on Android
    • For Customers
      They can:
    • Read the instructions on how to make calls
    • See your call prices
    • Create new accounts
    • Reset their passwords
    • Buy credits with PayPal
    • Contact you for help
    • Review their calls history
    • Review their purchases
    • Order for only $120/year
    • For site's owner
      He can:
    • In settings page:
    • Set a 'Contact Us' Email
    • Set a Reseller password (if changed in
    • Set a Blogname
    • Set a Blogdescription
    • Set Rates details(if changed)
    • In customers page:
    • You can search for a customer and display his details
    • Add credits to a customer
    • Block or unblock a customer
    • Reset the password of a customer
    • Disable or enable the customer to buy
    • Review Customer's calls history
    • Review Customer's purchases


    • Domain Name
      Buy one if you don't have
    • Change Nameservers to:
    • NS1:
    • NS2:
    • We recommend:
    • Instructions
    • PayPal Account
      Business or Personal
    • To Receive Payments From Your Customers
    • Payments will go to the same PayPal account you used to order a website here.
    • Instructions